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Assessment Package – Phonics Assessments Units 1-5


This resource includes skills assessments for all skills on my Decodable Books scope & sequence.


These assessments are written to be used with my HFW Scope & Sequence and my Decodable Readers as they follow the same progression of words & skills.

Looking for a way to assess your students by skill rather than level? I’ve got you covered!

These assessments are designed as a way for you to check what skills your students/children have and where you should focus your instruction. These assessments can be given on a regular basis to check progress.

This resource includes assessments for all skills covered in Units 1-5.

Each skill is a one page assessment and includes 2 student pages (can be printed front and back). Nonsense words are included and these are meant to check for mastery of a skill. The scoring system includes mastery level, instructional level, and frustration level (with a rationale).

You also get a summative (or pre/post) assessment that includes all skills.

If you are a SOR 101 Member, you have access to these assessments inside the membership.

If you have any questions, please ask prior to purchasing! Thank you!


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