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Science of Reading 101 is designed to help you learn about (and easily incorporate) evidence-based practices into your reading instruction!

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Looking for Quality Decodable Books?

Our decodables are written systematically to ensure that kids do not have to guess or memorize words. Each and every word has been carefully chosen. Each book strictly follows our scope & sequences. Click below to learn more about our decodables!

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About Our Resources

All of our resources follow both our phonics scope & sequence AND our high frequency words scope and sequence. All resources have been created systematically so that skills build on each other. Each word for all of our resources has been carefully chosen so you can rest assured your students will not have to guess or memorize words using our resources!

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What People Are Saying

Kelsey F


I discovered Heidi on Tik Tok and it was the best thing that ever happened to me as a teacher! She has taught me so much about the Science of Reading without making it feel overwhelming and has made me a better teacher. I used to struggle with teaching reading but I feel so much more confident and I know that I’m doing the best practices to support my students. If you want to start implementing the Science of Reading into your reading instruction, please start by watching Heidi’s content and purchasing her resources. I use this resource bundle everyday!

Christina M


These resources have been a lifesaver with my very beginning readers! They need to understand the code in order to move forward. And, I love the variety—great for small group, station work, seat work, and to take home!

Lindsey L


My students are showing so much growth and the consistent routine/resources saves me so much planning time!



I took a course with Heidi and it was one of the most valuable courses I have taken while on my Science of Reading journey. We met monthly to talk about new knowledge gained as well as allowed the members to lead our meetings by checking in with us and talking about issues we were facing at our schools/districts. She provided feedback, knowledge, and support. It was exactly what I needed as I was learning about SOR and professionally was in a new position in my district. She has continued to support me even after the course has ended. Heidi is the sweetest and most down-to-earth person. She is passionate about sharing knowledge and helping teachers help students. She is my favorite SOR person!

Ciera B


I follow you on TikTok and Instagram and have implemented a lot of the things that I have learned from your videos and posts and can see a huge difference in my students abilities. Thank you for taking the time to make these resources and advocate for the science of reading!

Laura R


All of Heidi’s resources are so easy to use, loved by students and most importantly useful in practicing the skills I am teaching.  Thank you!!

Tamara T


My daughter who is reluctant to learn loves all of these activities! She wants to do them all the time and is finally engaged in wanting to learn how to read!

Literacy is a Social Justice Issue.

One of my goals is to raise awareness to the literacy issues that exist in America today.

I want to educate others in the Science of Reading to equip as many teachers as possible with the tools they need to teach our students how to read. #literacyandjusticeforall

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