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Heidi Jane

Educator, International Speaker, Creator, and Influencer

Heidi has over 10 years of teaching experience and over 5 years of professional development experience. After finding out about reading science on accident, Heidi has made it her mission to share the research with as many parents and educators as she can.  She is passionate about giving every child the tools they need to become successful readers.

Heidi is trained in LETRS EC and IMSE Orton-Gillingham. Her husband is also a teacher and National LETRS Trainer! She has taken many other webinars and courses in an effort to grow her knowledge and provide her community with research based information & resources.

She has experience speaking at both live and virtual conferences.  She has presented at National conferences as well as provided training at the district level.  Most recently, Heidi was the keynote speaker at the Unlocking the Science of Reading virtual conference.

Current Availability: 

District Level Sessions
✓ Orthographic Mapping
✓ Length: 3 Hours
✓ Platform: Virtual
✓ Target Audience: K5