The Goal of Word Mapping

Did you know word mapping is for ALL words, not just high frequency words? The goal of teaching words is to turn the words into sight words (words you know effortlessly & automatically without sounding them out or guessing).  This builds automaticity and fluency.

So, one of my goals it to make it easy for you to implement word mapping in your classroom.  I have created centers, whole group activities, and independent word mapping work.

These NO PREP centers are my best sellers! Just print the pages of the skills you are working on, put them in a page protector, and go!

Repeated Practice

We also love to use the spinners for repeated practice in a new, fun way!

My original Mapping Mats are a fun twist on Sound Boxes!  These help keep kids engaged all year long! Just switch them out each month! Kids are so excited to see what theme you will have next.  These come with 3, 4, and 5 boxes.  Each set comes with color copies and black and white copies (you can have kids color them in to make their own unique mapping mats)!

Check out the Mapping Mat Themes here!


Phonics Centers

Phonics centers like this one are another fun way to practice! The child says the word, segments the sounds, and spells each sound!



Want to practice a skill and map words in a whole group lesson?  My Tap It, Map It, Move It slides are just what you’re looking for!

Simply show the slides, map the word, and then get up and move!  Each skill has a different theme to keep kids engaged all year long!  The movements will correlate to each theme.

For example, Short A is “At the Park” so the movements on these slides will be all things you can do at the park! Short E is “At the Beach” so all of those movements will be things you can do at the beach.  Put your imagination hats on and get ready to map and move!


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What People Are Saying

Kimberly P


L O V E this AMAZING resource!  Heidi never disappoints with her creations!  My children BEG to push their sounds with these mats!  The format keeps them engaged and they look forward to our reading groups!

Stormi M


This resource is excellent…and to say that is an understatement. Getting the bundle was the best thing that I could’ve done to support my students in their quest to learn to read using word mapping. This strategy is successful and this bundle supports their learning! Thank you!

It’s All Primary


Just learned about word mapping this past summer. Heidi’s activities are a hit with my students, especially when we use a magnetic wand and chips with the pages. Thank you!

Kaylan G


This is one of my favorite SOR resources! Students WANT to map words and love when I change out the mats. 10 out of 10 from me!

Amy S


This has been so helpful for both my own elementary child and my Kindergarten child. So happy I stumbled upon your store. Thank you!

Katharine Y


My students and I absolutely love this resource!  I love how it truly shows that a word may have three sounds but can be spelled with more letters. This has effectively built my students knowledge on orthographic mapping.

Bethany L


After working on phoneme-grapheme mapping intentionally in small groups for the past few weeks, I was wanting a way for my students to continue to practice independently. This resource is perfect for that! After following Heidi on IG a year ago and learning all things phoneme-grapheme mapping from her, I am so excited to learn more and implement it with my students.

Heidi F


Probably my MOST used resource and I am so grateful to you for all the work you put into getting these resources into our hands!

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