Our New Published Decodable Book Sets

Unlocking Literacy Success with Our 100% Decodable Books

We understand the critical role literacy plays in a child’s education. We are proud to introduce our collection of 100% decodable books, designed to empower students, educators, and school districts in the journey towards reading proficiency.

With all new illustrations, these books are just what you have been looking for! Thousands of kids have used our printable books to become fluent, confident readers. Scroll down to learn more about what makes our decodables different from others!

*The illustrations have changed but the stories are the same stories that are available in our printable version of these books. 

Download our Scope & Sequence!

Why Choose Our Decodable Books?

  1. Decodability: Our books are meticulously crafted to ensure they are 100% decodable, meaning they align perfectly with phonics instruction. This consistency allows students to confidently apply their phonics skills to read each word, sentence, and story, fostering a strong foundation in literacy.
  2. Scope and Sequence: We prioritize educational effectiveness. Our decodable books strictly follow a carefully planned scope and sequence, ensuring that students progress at a pace that aligns with their phonics development. This approach is proven to enhance reading fluency and comprehension.
  3. Assessment Integration: To support educators in tracking progress, we offer an optional assessment package that seamlessly complements our decodable books. These assessments are thoughtfully designed to align with the curriculum, providing valuable insights into each student’s reading journey.
  4. Diverse Representation: We recognize the importance of diversity and inclusion in educational materials. Our books feature a wide range of characters from different backgrounds, representing the rich tapestry of today’s classrooms. Students will see themselves reflected in the stories, promoting a sense of belonging and cultural awareness.

**Our decodable books have been vetted by the Reading League and can be found on their list of approved books!**

“These decodable are great. The sequencing is fantastic and the growing complexity and comprehension questions are perfect. I not only use them in my classroom but for my own child at home as well. These decodables give students the opportunity to see growing success in reading when some of them may have not seen it otherwise.” – Lee’s Little Lights

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When you purchase a set of books, you automatically get access to the digital version (like you see here)!

The Benefits for School Districts:

  • Improved Literacy Outcomes: Our decodable books are a powerful tool in helping school districts achieve their literacy goals. By fostering phonics-based reading skills, students are better equipped to succeed in all areas of their education.
  • Streamlined Curriculum: Our adherence to a structured scope and sequence simplifies curriculum planning and implementation for school districts. Educators can trust that our materials align seamlessly with their instructional goals.
  • Assessment for Accountability: The optional assessment package provides school districts with a valuable tool for measuring student progress, identifying areas of improvement, and ensuring accountability in literacy instruction.
  • Promoting Inclusivity: Our commitment to diverse representation promotes an inclusive learning environment where all students can see themselves in the stories they read.

Invest in a brighter future for your students with Decodable Adventures Series 100% decodable books. Join countless school districts across the nation who have already experienced the transformative impact of our materials on literacy success.

Contact us if you have any questions about how our decodable books can support your district’s literacy initiatives and help every student unlock the power of reading.

“These decodables are AMAZING!!!! I used these with my kiddos today and they loved them! They are actual stories with a scope and sequence that kids can actually decode! My kids were so proud of themselves when they read the words using their sounds :)” – Kinder Dream Land


The ORANGE SERIES Fiction books are available now!

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