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Decodable Adventure Series – Pink Set – Diphthongs, Tricky Y, and more!


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Quality books that are TRULY decodable!

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The PINK set contains eight 100% decodable books that are specially written to help early readers master words with tricky Y, complex vowel teams, diphthongs, and the schwa.

Each book is carefully crafted to offer an enriching reading experience for children while promoting diversity and inclusivity. Here’s what you can expect from this fantastic collection:

Decodable Mastery: Our books are expertly designed to provide young readers with a solid foundation in decoding words. Our books strictly follow our phonics scope & sequence AND our high frequency word scope and sequence so kids will never have to guess or memorize words!

Diverse Characters: Explore a world where characters from various backgrounds come to life, allowing children to connect with and learn from a diverse range of perspectives. Our stories celebrate differences and promote empathy.

8 Unique Adventures: The pink set contains eight stories, each spanning six pages. These stories are carefully crafted to engage readers and maintain their interest throughout the reading journey.

Decode and Draw Pages: Foster creativity and reinforce decoding skills with two “Decode and Draw” pages in each book. Children can read the story, decode passages, and then have fun drawing a picture to match.

Comprehension Questions: Encourage critical thinking and comprehension with thoughtful questions at the end of each book. These questions help children connect with the text and reinforce their understanding of the story.

Word Lists: Handy word lists are included to provide extra support for young readers. These lists help kids practice and reinforce word recognition prior to reading the story.

Digital Bookshelf: Your purchase also includes access to these books in a digital format. This gives you the opportunity to assign books to kids to read independently or display and read together as a class. See one of our digital books below!

With our books, you’re not just providing children with a set of books; you’re giving them the keys to unlocking the world of reading. Our carefully designed, diverse, and engaging stories will empower young readers to become confident, proficient readers while promoting a love for learning and a celebration of diversity.

(You will get access to our Pink Set digital bookshelf with your purchase. Your unique link will be sent to you as soon as your books ship.)

If you are looking to purchase a class set, click here. If you are a school district looking to purchase for multiple classrooms, please email us at hello@droppinknowledge.com.

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