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Mapping Mats – Fall Bundle


My Mapping Mats are a fun twist on traditional Sound Boxes!



Have you made the change from memorizing words to mapping words? Sound boxes are a great tool but…. if I’m honest, they can get a little boring! So, I have created these Mapping Mats as a fun twist!

In order to become efficient readers and spellers, students must be able to hear the sounds in a word, segment those sounds, and blend them. I have created these mats to accompany my Word Mapping with Spinners Centers but you can use them with any word mapping or phonemic awareness skills you are working on!

Check out the FREE SAMPLE with Spinners & Mats here!

What is Included:

There are 3 variations of each mapping mat.

•Large picture option (best for beginners)

•Small picture option with boxes & writing lines (low prep option)

•Black and white version of both (included in case you have little ones who like to color and want to create their own mat!)

•Mapping Mat Supplement (to use with the large picture option)

-72 different mapping mats are included!

-6 Different themes (leaves, hay bales, scarecrows, pumpkins, turkeys, and sunflowers)

-Instructions for Use

Have a question? Please email me at heidi@literacyandjusticeforall.com. I hope you enjoy this forever FREEBIE!


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