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Skill-Based Spelling – Word Building Challenges! Short A


Like this sample? Be sure to follow along so you know what new sets are released! Word Building Challenges will be aligned to my high frequency word Scope & Sequence!



Why make the switch to skills-based spelling tests?

Research shows us that we do not store words based on visual memory. This means that memorizing words is not the most effective strategy for learning words.

Instead, we can teach kids to attend to letters and sounds as they read and spell. This promotes a cognitive process called orthographic mapping, which is how we store words!

By making the change from standard spelling tests to skills-based spelling tests, we are creating the habit for kids to attend to sounds and how those sounds are spelled.


What is included?

•Short A Practice Words & Challenge Words

•3 variations of the practice word sheet

•3 variations of blank lines to print on the back of the practice word sheet

•2 variations of the word building challenge sheet

•Teacher Directions for the Word Building Challenge

•Parent Letter

•Sound Box Sheet to send home for practice


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