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Word Mapping NO PREP Centers – ENDING BLENDS


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I created this no prep center as an easy way for your students/child to work on phoneme grapheme mapping. I wanted to make it easy for you to work on these skills but also provide some independence for your students/child!

Did you know that it can take between 5-500 repetitions to memorize a word? And research shows that our brains do not store words visually! When you match sounds to symbols (aka letters/graphemes) you are promoting a process in the child’s brain called orthographic mapping. Research shows this is how our brains store words. Not to mention, it usually only takes between 1-4 repetitions of mapping a word before that word is permanently stored in what is called our orthographic lexicon!

This pack includes words with ending blends.

Page 2- CK Endings

Page 3 – S Blend Endings

Page 4 – L Blend Endings (includes the word salt with an L-controlled vowel)

Page 5 – N Blend Endings

Page 6 – NK and NG Endings

Pages 7-8 – Mixed Endings

Pages 9-15- Answer Keys (You can also use these for self checking)


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