The ONE AND ONLY Alphabet Book with Embedded Mnemonics!


Why Embedded Mnemonics?

This study found that “embedded letters were mastered in fewer trials, were less frequently confused with other letters, were remembered better 1 week later, and facilitated performance in word reading and spelling transfer tasks compared to control letters. We suggest that embedded mnemonics better secured letters to their sounds in memory which in turn improved word learning for children in Ehri’s (2005) partial alphabetic phase.” – Adina Schmidman & Linnea Ehri – Embedded Picture Mnemonics to Learn Letters

Another study revealed that children taught with the embedded picture mnemonics learned more letter name associations than did the control group. The embedded picture mnemonic had a positive effect on long term memory reflecting an increase from a moderate effect sizes for letter naming (d = .69) on the first week post test to a large effect size for letter naming (d =1.12) on the second week post test. – THE EFFECTS OF MNEMONICS ON LETTER RECOGNITION AND LETTER SOUND ACQUISITION OF AT-RISK KINDERGARTEN STUDENTS

But when it comes to teaching letters and sounds, no question about it, use embedded mnemonics. They work.Timothy Shanahan


Embark on a captivating alphabet-learning adventure with “P is for Paint.” This engaging and educational children’s book uses the power of embedded mnemonics to make learning letters and their sounds an unforgettable experience.

What sets this book apart from other alphabet books is the clever use of embedded mnemonics and carefully chosen keywords.

The mnemonics provide a powerful tool for memory retention, ensuring that the letters and their sounds become second nature to young readers.

Parents, caregivers, and educators will appreciate the book’s comprehensive approach to alphabet learning. Whether it’s introducing new letters or revisiting previously learned ones, “P is for Paint” provides a delightful and effective learning experience that is both engaging and enjoyable.

This book contains 33 lowercase letter images exposing children to the short and long vowel sounds and the hard and soft sounds of C and G.

If you’re seeking a captivating and educational resource to teach your child or students the alphabet, “P is for Paint” is the perfect choice. Let the magic of embedded mnemonics guide them on an alphabet adventure, ensuring a solid foundation for reading and lifelong learning.



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